If you are looking for a place to springboard your child’s education
to USA/UK/Australia, or a better place for your child to study overseas, Singapore is the ideal choice for you.

Reasons why Singapore is the ideal place for you to consider…

1. Low Crime Rate

Singapore is a safe city where your child is free to travel around with having you to worry about his/her safety

2. Strict Government Policies

With the launch of Edutrust, you can rest assured that Ministry of Education is also closely monitoring the standards of the private education sector.
Singapore also enforces regulation such as Consumer Protection Act to protect consumers.
In general, Singapore is known for its well-enforced law and political stability.

3. Efficient and Convenient Transport System

The public transport is efficient and affordable, covering the entire island with comprehensive bus and train routes.
It is convenient and easy to get from one end to the other end of the island.

4. Strategic Location

Singapore is located strategically in Asia such that it is highly accessible from other Asian countries.
The distance to and fro the student’s home country and Singapore is relatively short as compared to Western countries.
Thus students do not have to spend long hours travelling and this helps them to save time.

5. Good health infrastructure

Singapore is ranked first for most efficient healthcare system, out of 51 countries, in 2014 by Bloomberg.
In the event that medical attention is required by your child, he/she will be well taken care of.

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